Upgrades & Modernisation

MKM Elevators Ltd offers a full range of upgrade and modernisation packages. Contact us today to discuss how we can create a bespoke package for your business


We understand that sometimes lifts need to be modernized this can be anything from a partial modernization with new parts, for example an upgraded controller change, door operator or a car top control, to a complete modernization which maybe to remove the existing lift completely and install a complete new bespoke package. Our experienced engineers will be able to recommend a solution to suit your needs. Our experienced sales team are able to use this information to provide your client with a phased modernization package to suit your budgetary requirements.

So why not let us help you?

We can also liaise with your interior designer, architect or consultant to give your lifts a fresh new modern look to your specifications. This could be new lift car interiors, modern LCD position indicators, voice synthesizers, energy saving LED’s lift car lighting, new doors or even recover or spray paint them. The possibilities are endless.

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